Steep Slope Roofing

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Steep slope roofing refers to a suitable material for roofs which have been designed to have slopes of 3:12 or more. This can be translated to mean that for every 12 inches moved horizontally; the roof is rising by 3 inches or more. Some of the materials that suit this type of a roof include clay tiles, concrete, metal, slates, and wood shakes among other materials. This type of a roof is beneficial for drainage purposes as well as adding the aesthetic value to the building on which it has been used.

Components of Steep Slope Roofing

Irrespective of size or shape, steep slope roofing system has five basic components which include;

Cover Material

This can either be one of the materials that have been mentioned earlier. For instance, concrete and clay tiles, asphalt, metal among other suitable materials that can be used. The cover material serves the purpose of covering the underlayment as well as protecting the sheathing from adverse weather conditions.


This provides coverage for the installation of the underlying materials. They can either be boards or sheets.

Roof Structure

Include the load bearing beams, rafters, and trusses supporting the sheathing of the roof.


Installed at various points of the joints of the roof and the valleys for preventing of seepage or leaks.


This is the structural layout of the roof which promotes the drainage of rainwater so that pooling or puddling is prevented.