The Effects of Wind Damage on Asphalt Roofing

The use of asphalt shingles as a roofing material is widespread across the United States because of the high-quality roofing and the ability of such material to regulate the temperatures of the building. However, they are susceptible to a number of extreme weather conditions such as wind, thunderstorm, and hurricane among others. While the asphalt roofs can stand the wind speeds of different velocities and strengths, the prolonged exposure to such conditions causes immense damage to the roofs. Windy condition above the asphalt roofs creates a low-pressure zone, which results in the generation of the uplift pressures on the asphalt shingles. This leads to the development of stress points, which weakens and breaks away with time. The breaking away of the asphalt shingles not only lowers the aesthetic value of the house but also exposes the entire building to more severe weather conditions, which may result in collapsing of the entire roof.

The property managers along with the homeowners need to contract a professional Florida roofing company to work on their roofs. This is because such companies will not only provide the detailed information regarding the nature of the roof and the desired roofing plan but they will also carry out a routine inspection of the roof to determine any form of damage. Contracting a professional Florida roofing company also allows the homeowners to enjoy free maintenance and repair services until the warranty period elapses, and will save the homeowners the cost of repairing the roofs. Additionally, the professional roofing companies will advise the property owners on the age of the asphalt shingles and other critical information, which is relevant to the maintenance of their roof, and this will help in keeping the roofs strong.


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