Built Up Roofing Systems

What is a Built-Up Roofing System?
Built up roofing is very popular and highly used on lower sloped rooftops. However, the built-up roofing system consist of many layers of a material called bitumen and then it is completed with either a coating or an aggregate layer. More recently, roofers would incorporate another layer with a material called rigid insulation. Ply sheets and fiberglass mats are also utilized in the layers because they help to reinforce the built-up roofing process. There are two different types of built up roofing as well. The types are a) Smooth Asphalt Built-Up which could be either cold or hot and b) Ballasted Asphalt Built-Up. For these types, the bitumen is the ideal material of choice and the materials could vary depending upon the client’s needs and overall budget for the roofing job. The most preferred materials are the ones that have fire retardant agents, non-toxic fumes and is safe for the environment.

Importance of Using a Professional Roofing Company
The primary reason for hiring a professional roofing company is that the workers are licensed and trained to perform an adequate job beyond expectations on the client’s roof. The company will have an established track record with verifiable references and if there is an issue with the service, then the client could hold the company liable; unlike having a contractor perform the worker who may not be licensed to do the job. Clients who are interested in having their roof completed should take caution when hiring someone, other than a professional company because the contractor could possibly be a scam artist and take their money without getting the roofing job accomplished. Therefore, it is crucial to hire a company to complete the task because the client will be more confident with their decision.


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