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Commercial Roofing

Flat Roofing Services, Single-ply Roofing Applications, Modifed Roofing Applications, & Roof Coatings.


Commercial roofing is not something any roofing company is able to do. It takes years of experience to learn all of the different types of roofing systems, decking types, insulation, and building envelope requirements. There is not a “one size fits all” commercial roofing solution. Roofonomy has been creating commercial roofing solutions in Atlanta for 35 years. Both our owners and managers have more than 35 years of experience in commercial roofing having worked with small businesses and Fortune 500 companies alike. Our commercial roofing portfolio reads as the "who's who" of Atlanta businesses. We are confident that we can outwit any commercial roofing issue with our technical know-how and wisdom. Below are some of the types of steep slope and low slope systems we are experts in using:


These lightweight reflective membranes have been around since the early 1970’s. Seams and penetrations are heat welded to ensure strength where you need it the most. They are highly tear resistant and puncture resistant combining good flexibility to allow for building movement. These systems are among the most popular in use today. Recent studies have shown that utilizing white reflective membranes reduces a buildings’ cooling energy demand, and may reduce total energy cost by up to 30%.


EPDM is a low cost yet high performance elastomer rubber roofing product typically used in commercial roofing applications. While it is versatile and inexpensive, EPDM has a relatively low tolerance for punctures and has relatively high maintenance costs as a result.

Modified Roofing

Built up roofing dates back to the 1840’s and is a continuous roof membrane made up of layers of roof felts alternated with layers of hot asphalt. Modified Bitumen (MB) roofing was first used in the US in the early 1970’s and is a close cousin of the Built up Roof (BUR). The Modified Bitumen system comes in a roll and is typically installed with either torch applied or hot asphalt applications.


Roof coatings can renew the integrity of the roof surface by filling in cracks and replacing weathered and worn areas. Roof coatings reinforced with membranes can help seal and waterproof a roof while improving reflectivity and reducing thermal shock. Coatings can extend the life of most low-slope and steep-slope commercial roof types for many years while reducing energy consumption.